National Auto Care is changing the F&I industry with a revolutionary depreciation product, PowerBuy.

Vehicle depreciation begins the moment the new owner drives it off the lot.

PowerBuy protects the consumer by paying the difference between the vehicle purchase price and the auto insurance payout in the event of a total loss.

We’ve got you covered

GAP insurance may pay off the outstanding loan balance, but the consumer would still have out-of-pocket costs for payments made and any down payment on a new vehicle.

That’s where PowerBuy comes in. Not only does PowerBuy provide the benefit to the consumer for a down payment on a new vehicle, but because the benefit may only be used at the original dealership*, it creates immediate loyalty between dealer and driver.

Improve your customer retention and satisfaction, all while increasing your F&I profits with PowerBuy. Ask about it today!

*Benefit may be applied at original dealership or dealer group



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